Buying In a Pandemic: Is Now The Right Time?

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To buy, or not to buy—that is the question bouncing around many Americans’ minds, although Fannie Mae notes the amount of consumers feeling positive about buying a home has increased 52% to 61%, month to month. If you or your clients have been wondering the same, I’d like to share a few points worth considering…. Continued

July 30, 2020

How Young Buyers Are Redefining ‘Luxury’

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When looking for a new home, we have our lists of things we want to in a new property. Each generation approaches that list differently. This article from REALTOR Magazine highlights what the market is seeing that millennials want on their wish list when looking at new properties. How does your wish list compare? Please… Continued

July 11, 2019

Your Need To Know Guide To Buying A New Home

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When buying a home, you can choose to buy an older home or you can buy a new construction home. Both have their pro’s and cons. This article from HomeKeepr talks about the pros and cons of buying new construction. After reading the article, give me a call with any questions you have or if… Continued

January 10, 2019

Discover The Home’s Past The Seller Won’t Tell You

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Source: | Re-Post Houterloot 10/29/2018 –  In the bewitching town of Salem, Mass., America’s original haunted city, we celebrate Halloween year-round. The site of the infamous Salem witch trials in the late 1600s, our rich history in the dark arts has become a tongue-in-cheek part of local life—even in real estate. Many homes here… Continued

October 29, 2018

Understanding Mortgage Insurance

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Mortgage Insurance is often seen as a negative but in reality, it has helped many people to purchase a home when otherwise, they could not. The article from HomeKeepr does a great job of explaining what mortgage insurance is, when you need it, and when you can have it removed from your mortgage. Enjoy the… Continued

October 11, 2018

6 Don’ts When Buying Your First Home

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When you’re buying a home there are a few tasks that are critical to ensuring you get the home you want in the simplest way possible. These tasks include finding out your credit score and getting pre-qualified to finding a good estimate on your monthly expenses. However, the most important first step is to find… Continued

August 2, 2018

Assuming a Mortgage 101

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There are a number of ways you can finance the purchase of a new home. One of the ways you can do that is to assume the loan from the current owner of the house. Check out this article from HomeKeepr that discusses the reasons why it would make sense to assume the current mortgage… Continued

July 2, 2018