With the real estate market still going strong, there are many people still looking for homes as we head into the Fall season. If your thinking about selling your home, there are a few things I can share with you that will help make that transition into home-selling much smoother. One of those would be to get a home inspection done before you list.

A pre-inspection will give you an idea of the condition your house is in and will allow you to know ahead of time what steps you may want to or need to take in preparing your home for sale. There are many other reasons why this makes sense as well. This article from Zillow does a great job of identifying all the reasons to do a pre-inspection as well as giving you good information on preparing your home for sale. Enjoy the article and give me a call if you have questions or have any real estate needs.

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Deciding to sell your house is often the easy part. What’s harder is actually preparing your home for sale, and a big part of that is getting ready for an inspection. The inspection report is a huge factor in getting your sale to go through, so that’s why many sellers opt to complete a pre-inspection before potential buyers even walk through the door.

Why cough up cash for a pre-inspection if buyers typically pay for a professional inspection of homes they’re serious about? After all, do you really want to know there’s a leak in your roof and that your electrical panel needs updating?

Simply put: Yes, you do. A pre-inspection gives you a heads-up on what a buyer will likely discover and a headstart on identifying what to fix and update. You may decide not to do needed repairs, but your selling price will likely need to reflect that.

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