You sold your house and your getting ready to move. As you start to take inventory of all the “stuff” you have, you begin to realize that you do not need or want the majority of it. What do you do? You can sell it. The article below from shares a number of different tips on how to get the most money from items you want to sell before you move. I think you will find the article helpful. Please enjoy and give me a call with any of your real estate needs.

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Taking the time to sort and sell your stuff before a move could save you a lot of money; in fact, it might even pay for your move entirely. And with the abundance of online marketplaces available, it’s never been easier to sell your stuff hassle-free.

But what if you aren’t just looking to get rid of things, but also to sell them for the best price? We spoke with moving experts from around the country to bring you these insider tips on selling your stuff for the most money.

Bundle items together
There are a lot of online marketplaces claiming to be the best one to help you sell your stuff, but in practice, they’re not all equal.

“Craigslist is 80% flakes,” says New York City-based art collector Michele Hembree.

In 2018, Hembree and her family began the grueling yearlong process of moving from their suburban Alameda, CA, home to a small apartment in New York.

They had a lot of stuff to get rid of— everything from old books to 20 years’ worth of Christmas ornaments, children’s toys, and camping gear. After making a checklist with her husband, she got to work on selling nearly everything they had.

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