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Your House Needs More Curb Appeal

Making your hope appealing on the outside frequently creates a desire for buyers to want to see the inside. Many times improving your curb appeal only takes a few steps such as tidying up the debris or it may require some more extensive improvements. Additionally, a yard that is nicely cared for sends the message that the owner takes care of the inside as well.

Below is an article from that provides details on how the curb appeal of your home can impact how quickly your house will sell. There are also some suggestions on how to improve your curb appeal. After reading the article, give me a call so we can devise a plan to make sure your curb appeal encourages buyers to take a look inside and get the best price possible for your home.

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First impressions are everything. That’s as true for job interviews as it is for making your house the best version of itself it can be. No matter how big or small your remodeling budget, your first plan of attack needs to aim at improving the curb appeal of your home. Aside from major system issues, this is the decision point where a future buyer is going to eventually come inside or drive on by. No matter how flashy your interior is, if your exterior doesn’t say “love me!” you’ve already lost the real estate game.

What, Exactly, Is Curb Appeal?

Not that long ago (in the early days of the Internet, even), it was a lot harder to get an idea of what a house looked like simply from a listing. Instead of an online database, many markets had giant bound books that looked a lot like a phone book. But instead of telephone numbers, there were listings upon listings of properties for sale. Realtors would send their clients to drive by these homes to see if they thought they’d like to have a proper viewing. These potential buyers would pull up to the curb to take a look, and thus, the concept of “curb appeal” was born.

You may not think that how your house looks from the street really matters. After all, you’re going to live there forever / you have years and years to tick that box / you think a sterile lawn and worn out shutters are fine. Whatever your reasoning, you’re looking at this all wrong. It’s not just that curb appeal is good for a sale (though it is), it’s also a powerful tool for maximizing the property’s appraisal value. If you need a home equity loan or to refinance down the road, you’ll wish you had bothered.

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Posted on April 26, 2018 at 12:30 pm by Tim Houterloot

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